Easley Real Estate

A Different Way to Find (and Sell) Your Home


2010 was the debut of Easley Real Estate, a company designed to create peace, ease and balance in the home buying and selling process. It combines my passion for home ownership with Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Personal and Professional Coaching — and my innate ability to combine difficult, disparate topics into an easy-to-manage-and-execute plan of action.


If you’re looking for a heart-based real estate service with the solid technical know-how that comes from years of helping clients successfully buy and sell their homes, we’ll be a good fit.


In addition to helping clients find and sell homes in the Seattle area, I work with people across the country (via telephone or Skype) through my Home Consulting and Preparation Services.


My remote real estate services help people who are in the process of preparing their home for the market OR those who currently have their home on the market but are having difficulty selling it.


Buying or selling a house is a transformative experience and having the right person to guide you through the steps can remove the stresses that often plague real estate transactions.


If you want to have a fabulous time buying or selling a home, or if there is anyone in your circles who could use the services I provide, please do contact me. I would love to chat with you about what is happening in the national and local real estate markets and what that means for YOUR home and rental properties.
While you can contact me by phone, text, e-mail, social media or smoke signal, what I truly desire is sharing time in person. If you are ready for a different way to buy or sell real estate, get in touch and let’s see if we are a match.