Hello, I am Diane Easley.


I created Be You School to help you find a life of passion, grace, and ease.

My students shatter old illusions, trust their intuition, move forward and find peace, every day. I firmly believe YOU have the COURAGE to look deeply at what has transpired in your life, do the hard work necessary to heal old wounds, and move forward.


You can transcend obstacles with intent, knowledge, guidance, a plan of action, and the courage to BEGIN.


Doing the Work


Working on ourselves is difficult,  no matter how strong, smart, and committed  we are. After years of trying to do it all by myself (and getting frustrated in the process), I figured it out:


We need a neutral guide to provide both a road map and the pitfalls to watch for.


Even though each of us must do the physical work for ourselves, there is a need for someone to support us  with a step-by-step process to get us from “Where do I begin?” to  “That’s where I want to go!”


I am that guide.  I provide that road map.


Creating a life of passion, grace, and ease are the hallmarks of my life, and it is my pleasure to share some of my favorite ways to make real changes in your life.


I believe that if we each do our own work, with the intent of having a life filled with ease and flow, we will be kinder to each other–and if we are kinder to each other we can have peace in the world.  I know this sounds ridiculously simplistic and yet, I believe it and live my life as much as I can with these principles in mind.


I invite you to take the first step in embarking on your own journey. I assure you, you will be glad you did. Ready to begin?


___ Things to Know About Me


  • In 2013 I wrote my first book, Create the Life You Want.The book gathers together much of what I have learned in thirty years of working at a wide range of jobs, from specialty food broker to sales consultant to real estate agent. After years of working for others I took my own advice and created the life I wanted — which is helping others create the life THEY want.
  • I started studying Feng Shui with Master Lin Yun in 1998. I know — even  now — the ideas and energy behind Feng Shui are not fully understood in the west. Feng Shui can be as simple as positioning your desk so you are not facing a wall or as complex as rearranging an entire home to facilitate a flow of energy.
  • After 18 years as a top producing agent in the Seattle real estate market, in 2010, I created Easley Real Estate to create peace, ease, and balance in the home buying and selling process. My clients benefit from a combination of heart-based services and technical know-how — all informed by my Feng Shui, Space Clearing, and Professional Coaching background.
  • I create powerful presentations to inspire others to find balance, prosperity and happiness so that they can change the world. I have recently spoken at Amazing Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), Chick Chat Influentials, Networking Mamas, and Women’s Network conferences in Arizona, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington. There is nothing that I love more than inspiring people to become the best they can be.