Relationship Alchemy Series

heart pathWould you like to find romance?

Are you ready to be in a committed long-term, romantic relationship?

Are you willing to tell yourself the truth about this emotional and potentially uncomfortable topic?

Then join me in a new series designed to create the ideal conditions for romantic relationships to happen.

Relationship Alchemy Series


  • There are many wonderful people who desire a romantic relationship but aren’t in one.
  • There are ...
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Harnessing Your Energy? Why?

amazingHere is a note I received recently:

Diane, what is the deal with these harnessing the energy of the month calls you talk about?  Why would I want to change the way I live my life based on what MONTH it is? That seems kind of stupid.  Can you enlighten me?

Yes! Beginning to pay attention to the world around you ...

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Letting Go Of Anxiety

Scream carA friend recently mentioned she was experiencing anxiety and that it was a regular occurrence. So, I thought I would let you know what I do when I am anxious:

When I am anxious I tune in to:

  • Every twinge in my body:

My arm hurts…..perhaps I am having a heart attack!  I can’t catch my breath…..I probably have pneumonia!  My stomach is upset…..I probably ...

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30 Days of Fascination


Fascinate – verb – to attract and delight by arousing or curiosity, to render motionless, to put under a spell

Late winter/early spring is a wonderful time to focus one’s attention on those things,people, events, natural phenomena etc that attract, delight and seem to put us under a spell.  Why? Because there is a certain power and grace inherent ...

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Benefits of being a divorced woman. Really?



On a page for a group I visit on FB, someone posted an article from a divorce coach with the title of the “benefits of being a divorced woman“.

Here they are: Strength, Compassion, Creativity, Self-discipline, Self-direction and Initiative.

You know when we talk about how mean women and girls are to each ...

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Powerful Women Looking for Love Series



Are you ready for a long term, romantic relationship?


Have you tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work?


Are you willing to use your power to benefit your personal life as well as your business life?

Will you agree to spend 45 minutes a week on a telephone call (see both day time and evening options ...

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Talking with Angels

Another from Faith Squared

I was having a conversation with one of my favorite angels, Mary Magdelene (whose name, I recently learned, means “tower”, “fortress”, “elevated” and also “magnificent”) and these words came:




I am at rest

I am a woman disturbed

I am confident and confused

I am comfortable between worlds

I am capable

I am tenacious

I hear voices to my heart

I ...

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Calling me Home

I am spending the month of August 2012 writing for my pals over at Faith Squared.  Here is a little bit about the site:

Faith Squared is the joyously inspired collaboration of Michele Morgan and Alizabeth Rasmussen. Best friends, sisters of the heart, co-conspirators in the pursuit of Awesomely Pretentious Words, irreverent humor, and everyday proof that not only does God exist, He pays attention.

A single impassioned (and divinely timed) conversation about their respective love affairs with language and writing led ...

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Winter Solstice Gathering

Are you a creature of habit during this time of year?

 Are you doing a lot of things because you “should”?     

 Have obligations taken your joy out of the season?

 Are you over-scheduled and under-funded?


Why not take a break during this dark time for introspection and relaxation?

The shortest days and the longest nights of the year are swiftly approaching.

This is ...

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