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A home is a mirror of what is happening inside you.

By carefully arranging the space, considering what you bring into your home and maintaining everything, you will harmonize your home’s energy with your energy.

One of the reasons you chose the home you live in is to align the energy of the home with your personal energy, who you are ...

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Embracing the Energy of the Month Free Recordings

Creating a life of passion, grace and ease are the hallmarks of my life and it is my pleasure to share with you some of my favorite ways to go through the year.

Please join me for this free series:

Embracing the Energy of the Month  

Embracing the energy of the month calls – free

These insightful calls will help you embrace the energy of each month so you can create more ease and abundance in your life.

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A card makes a difference




The holidays have never been easy for me.

Yep, I said it out loud.

This is not my favorite time of year.

Everyone is racing around with a long to-do list and there is a manic energy hovering about.

Buy, buy, buy! If you get THIS gift your life will be perfect! Consume! Attend Parties! Be Joyful! and for goodness sake, you had better ...

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Frog Night

Last night, alone on the porch,

I swear I heard the deep-throated music of frogs

Keeping time with my heart

I remembered a long ago camping place by the river

Full of quiet for eons and memories for generations

The frogs sounded their song then too

Filling the night air with longing and comfort

It was magical and memorable

Me. Frogs. Night.

Communing with those who ever sat in that same spot

Contemplating the cosmos

Turning toward them now ...

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Talking with Angels

Another from Faith Squared

I was having a conversation with one of my favorite angels, Mary Magdelene (whose name, I recently learned, means “tower”, “fortress”, “elevated” and also “magnificent”) and these words came:




I am at rest

I am a woman disturbed

I am confident and confused

I am comfortable between worlds

I am capable

I am tenacious

I hear voices to my heart

I ...

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Trust and Pizza

Just read a blog post about a conversation the writer had with a random person at a pizza place about the local area. The parties did not know each other. The other customer was thinking about moving into the area and asked the writer a few questions about the area, the writer answered all of the questions the SAME WAY that a real estate agent had and gave ...

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Etiquette Questions

You know I have a variety of interests, right?   It has always been a passion of mine to teach people etiquette.

I had NO training when I was a child, so learned everything by intently watching, waiting until someone ELSE did something and following their lead.

Did this get me into some less-than-proper-etiquette situations? Absolutely!

Oh, how I wished for someone to teach me! But, I read a lot of advice columns, ...

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