Anyone who has spent any time with me (in person or on social media) knows that there is one ritual in my life that I never miss. It’s as second nature as brushing my teeth — and maybe even more important to my well-being.


That ritual? Champagne Friday. It’s something I celebrate every week without fail.


I think you should, too.


Be YOU School is all about teaching you the tricks and techniques I’ve learned over the years for becoming the best possible YOU. And, being your best possible YOU means taking the time to nurture your inner sparkle. That’s where Champagne Friday comes in.


Champagne Friday can be celebrated in an hour, an afternoon, an entire day or in those few minutes after shutting down your computer and before tackling rush hour traffic.


It’s about taking time to fill your glass — whether that means indulging in a flute of your favorite champagne, a cup of your favorite tea, a pint of your favorite ice cream.


Or, maybe filling your glass means spending a few minutes glancing at the sunset, a furry companion on your lap.


Or, enjoying a bubble bath with your favorite book.


Or, playing hooky from work just to enjoy a sunny day.


Or, catching up with a favorite girlfriend.


Champagne Friday isn’t about Thanking God It’s Friday (although, you’re welcome to do that, too).


It’s about taking a pause from doing for others and doing for the world and allowing yourself a moment to do for yourself. Because YOU deserve it.


You have done enough. You have offered enough. You have said enough. You have listened enough. You have given enough.


You. Have. Done. Enough.

You Are Enough.


And, that’s worth celebrating — every single week.


P.S. To see how I and others celebrate Champagne Friday (and share how you’re bringing Champagne Friday into your life), check out #ChampagneFriday on Instagram, visit my Champagne Friday board on Pinterest, and be sure to join the Champagne Friday Facebook Group.