A Real New Year

Day 29 ImageOn January 1st 2015 I am NOT:

  • Going on a diet
  • Starting an exercise program
  • Enrolling in a class
  • Joining a webinar
  • Or participating in any of the hundreds of “must do” things that are being pushed right now.

Want to know why not?

Because in Seattle January 1st is winter time!

Because winter time is NOT the time to ...

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Harnessing Your Energy? Why?

amazingHere is a note I received recently:

Diane, what is the deal with these harnessing the energy of the month calls you talk about?  Why would I want to change the way I live my life based on what MONTH it is? That seems kind of stupid.  Can you enlighten me?

Yes! Beginning to pay attention to the world around you ...

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30 Days of Fascination


Fascinate – verb – to attract and delight by arousing or curiosity, to render motionless, to put under a spell

Late winter/early spring is a wonderful time to focus one’s attention on those things,people, events, natural phenomena etc that attract, delight and seem to put us under a spell.  Why? Because there is a certain power and grace inherent ...

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A Mother’s Day poem for Truth and Reconciliation


 Spending a few moments connecting with Mothers and the Motherhood energy of this day, I came across a poem I wrote years ago. 


 The poem speaks of accepting and moving at one’s own pace.  I encourage you to find the truth in your own story.


Truth and Reconciliation  

I am my mother’s daughter

No matter how I twist and squirm

She ...

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Writing your Truth



 A client asked me the following question:

What do you recommend when telling your truth in person is not possible? 


There are many reasons why telling the truth may not be possible.

  • The person you want to tell the truth to is no longer in your life.
  • Every time you start, the person says something like:
  • You should be over that by now. 
  • I didn’t mean anything by it. 
  • You are just overly sensitive. 
  • The person you need to talk with is dead
  • I ...

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