One-on-One Illumination Sessions

FireworksSick of wishing, wanting and hoping for things to finally go your way?

Ready to embrace and create life on your terms?

Now is your time to increase your intuition and make friends with the metaphysical and the mundane to manifest exactly what you want for 2015!

Book Diane Easley, author of Create the Life You Want; the most important thing to do is begin, for one-on-one Illumination Sessions.

These sessions are designed to gently (or ...

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Practical Abundance and You

If not now whenAre you feeling abundant in your life?


Does your bank account reflect the abundance you feel?


What do you think would happen if:


You decided to get practical about abundance once and for all?
You learned what to do to create consistent abundance in your life?
You took 4 weeks to practice some ...

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Plan A Failed – Now What?

Smile to hideAre You Tired? Overwhelmed?



Do You Feel as if you are “NOT ENOUGH”?


Have you failed and just can’t seem to get up?





Join the conversation – be challenged to look at your current situation through a new lens.

It’s time to start the conversation ...

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Frog Night

Last night, alone on the porch,

I swear I heard the deep-throated music of frogs

Keeping time with my heart

I remembered a long ago camping place by the river

Full of quiet for eons and memories for generations

The frogs sounded their song then too

Filling the night air with longing and comfort

It was magical and memorable

Me. Frogs. Night.

Communing with those who ever sat in that same spot

Contemplating the cosmos

Turning toward them now ...

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Talking with Angels

Another from Faith Squared

I was having a conversation with one of my favorite angels, Mary Magdelene (whose name, I recently learned, means “tower”, “fortress”, “elevated” and also “magnificent”) and these words came:




I am at rest

I am a woman disturbed

I am confident and confused

I am comfortable between worlds

I am capable

I am tenacious

I hear voices to my heart

I ...

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A Mother’s Day poem for Truth and Reconciliation


 Spending a few moments connecting with Mothers and the Motherhood energy of this day, I came across a poem I wrote years ago. 


 The poem speaks of accepting and moving at one’s own pace.  I encourage you to find the truth in your own story.


Truth and Reconciliation  

I am my mother’s daughter

No matter how I twist and squirm

She ...

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Writing your Truth



 A client asked me the following question:

What do you recommend when telling your truth in person is not possible? 


There are many reasons why telling the truth may not be possible.

  • The person you want to tell the truth to is no longer in your life.
  • Every time you start, the person says something like:
  • You should be over that by now. 
  • I didn’t mean anything by it. 
  • You are just overly sensitive. 
  • The person you need to talk with is dead
  • I ...

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    Create the Life of YOUR Dreams


    2012 Salon Topics

    Introducing our great lineup for the 2012 Practical Abundance and Manifestation Salons in the Dream Room starting Thursday March 29th from 6:30-8:30PM.   



    March: Desire: How to get through the noise to find what you truly want

    April: Truth: How to bring what is inside to the outside

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