Sunshine Buddha Practice

If you are like me, sometimes going into a still, quiet meditation space is difficult.

When I just can’t get myself to a place that feels comfortable, many times I give up and think “tomorrow is another day”

Sometimes though…….

I do this wonderful practice that is easy and active at the same time.

Bonus for doing this practice in the cold, winter months? I feel energized and warm from the sun – and I live in Seattle where we don’t get to see ...

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Harnessing Your Energy – It is all the rage!

Nap time with catsTake time to rest, really rest! Some months are much more conducive to deep rest,

Cat jumping

Take time to act, really act! Some months are conducive to action.


Do you know ...

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30 Days of Fascination


Fascinate – verb – to attract and delight by arousing or curiosity, to render motionless, to put under a spell

Late winter/early spring is a wonderful time to focus one’s attention on those things,people, events, natural phenomena etc that attract, delight and seem to put us under a spell.  Why? Because there is a certain power and grace inherent ...

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Practical Abundance and You

If not now whenAre you feeling abundant in your life?


Does your bank account reflect the abundance you feel?


What do you think would happen if:


You decided to get practical about abundance once and for all?
You learned what to do to create consistent abundance in your life?
You took 4 weeks to practice some ...

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Create Your Best Year Ever!



December 12th, 2012 is a very powerful day for intention, creation and joy.


Join me for some exploration and the easiest planning for the upcoming year that you will ever do!

You will receive an e-mail in the morning with some things to think about during the day.

Then join me on the phone from 6:30-7pm for insight and further ...

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Summertime and finding space


Have you had one of those days when everything is in the wrong place and you spend a long time just looking for things?


I used to have that experience All. The. Time.

But then…..I decided to take control!

I cleared out cupboards, closets, the garage. Basically every spot in my house. No drawer un-turned.

And you know ...

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Time to Thrive?


Time to grow…time to thrive…time to engage in authentic community

…what’s your call? 


4 seats left for the Spring Salon Series…should your butt be in one of them?

If you’re looking for a unique experience where you will receive specific instruction to move past your inner blocks while harnessing the creative energy of an incredible group ...

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Are YOU Drinking from a Fire Hose?


A client asked me how she could look forward to drinking enough water.  She had purchased a lovely glass, but still found herself dreading actually drinking the water that she knew she wanted to drink. 

She knew the benefits of drinking enough water – less stress, feeling better, less headaches, healthy looking skin, good digestion, more ...

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Create the Life of YOUR Dreams


2012 Salon Topics

Introducing our great lineup for the 2012 Practical Abundance and Manifestation Salons in the Dream Room starting Thursday March 29th from 6:30-8:30PM.   



March: Desire: How to get through the noise to find what you truly want

April: Truth: How to bring what is inside to the outside

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