You know those things you are going to do when you have “more time”?

How about instead of letting one more day, week, month, year, lifetime pass by without accomplishing your desire, we create conditions for something to happen, NOW?

How about starting with something that will have far reaching effects AND will be a great stepping stone for ALL of your desires to manifest?

How about you take the next 30 days and pay attention to your intake of sugar?

WAIT! Don’t panic, I did not say STOP eating sugar! I said…..

Pay attention.

Join me ………

You can start whenever you desire!

I have found that paying attention to one thing for 30 days is a powerful way to create big changes. 

Here are the basics of what you will receive:

An e-mail every day for 30 days with:

A question for your reflection.

A song to help you on your journey.

You will also be part of a secret Facebook Group (participation is completely voluntary)

I will check in daily and offer my support.

There will be a community of others going through the same challenge.

Of COURSE what you will receive from going through the process may be life changing!

I want to make it accessible AND for you to have some skin in the game so….

There will be a cost of $30.

Yep, just $30.

Just so you know a few things I am NOT:

A medical professional.

An expert on sugar.

A trained chef or nutritionist.

Planning on eliminating all sugar from my diet forever.

Here are a few things that I AM:

Interested in my on-going journey to rid for one month at a time and consistently reduce my own intake of sugar thereafter.

Agreeing to be uncomfortable as I go through this process.

Willing to share with you my failures and triumphs.

Ready to begin.

Please join me!