One part guide, one part witness, this 7 week course will get you moving along the path toward discovery and finally, truly implementing the steps that will make your heart sing.

There are a lot of courses out there about soulful business, about finding your Why, about being authentic.  Here is one that gives you concrete steps to actually do it.  Yep, study and put into practice the things you will learn during this series and be well on your way to creating the life you want, no matter what.

You will answer some questions, you will take some field trips (don’t worry, you will be very excited about where we go)

You will end the series with insight into where you want to go next and begin todevelop the skills necessary to go deeper into your own story whenever you desire.

There will be fun times this series, there may also be some tears, you will take yourself on a journey and you may find yourself back on your own sacred doorway ready to take up residence with who you have always been.

Start wherever you are.

Leave judgment, leave pre-conceived notions, leave that screaming in your head that is drowning out the still, small voices waiting to be heard.

A tall order for 7 weeks? Yes! And isn’t that were the magic lies? When and where things are bold?


We will cover these topics and more:

  • Find Your Time
  • Find Your Happiness
  • Find Your Health
  • Find Your Guides
  • Find Your Creativity
  • Find Your Relationships
  • Find Your Inner Sparkle
  • Find Your Value

Cost of $333 includes 6 tele-seminars, one in-person workshop in Seattle and other wonderful things!