This is the workshop that began it all!

Are you ready for the deep work needed to move past inner blocks and toward what you really want? (Even if you’re not exactly sure what you want?) If you are yearning to be truly heard, want to learn how to act with kindness no matter the circumstances, and receive the support you need to make real change in your life and are ready to get to it, join me.

While it is extremely important each of us do our own deep, inner work, we do not have to do it alone. Connecting can make us resilient. Conversation can make us vulnerable. Clarity can help us thrive.

This workshop is for you if you want to transform tough patterns, whether you are just beginning to realize you want to change or wish to continue making changes. You’ll be working in a supportive, engaging, inspiring, creative, effective, and fun environment. We will work on quarterly themes, with a new topic every month.

We work in a small group of eight to ten people for a FULL YEAR and use specific, individual instruction to move you toward your perfect life.

 FIRST QUARTER: Start now!

  • Desire. How to get through the noise to find what you truly want
  • Truth. How to bring what is inside to the outside
  • Communication. Figuring out what you want and sticking to your plan

SECOND QUARTER: Digging Around in Dark Corners

  • Senses. Heightening all of your senses
  • Legacy. Baggage – how to make it work for you
  • Balance. To do Nothing and do it well


  • Joy. Dipping into Pleasure to live an easy life
  • Community. Facing the Shadow and Taking Risks
  • Understanding. Following the Right Guidance

FOURTH QUARTER: The Bigger Picture

  • Vision. Learning to See in the Dark
  • Faith. Creating Sacred Space
  • Purpose. Playing Full Out

This comprehensive series includes the following :

  • Four retreats. We start each quarter with a day-long retreat. These are typically in the Seattle area. I understand not everyone can travel to Seattle and will make every effort to schedule retreats close or central to where participants live.
  • Quarterly one-on-one coaching meetings with me. These are usually scheduled during the week following the retreat. During the meeting (in person on online) I will assign specific personalized tasks designed to help you keep  moving toward your goals.
  • A monthly group online class.  An introduction to the monthly topic, debrief from the work of the previous month, and check in with the other workshop participants.
  •  Access to twelve 15-minute videos over the course of the year. The videos are linked thematically to the monthly online classes and include additional information about the tasks for the month. These videos will give you insight on how to harness the energy of each monthly topic.
  • A weekly email. The emails include the week’s tasks, specific suggestions designed to help you go deep into the theme of the month, and keep you focused on your specific journey. Occasionally I will include suggestions about music to listen to, something to read, something to ponder, or something to enliven your vision.
  • A free gift. A deck of my Energy Cards at the end of the first quarter, a thank-you for starting your journey.
  • Another free gift.  A copy of my book, Create the Life  You Want, at the end of the fourth quarter. Most of the topics in the book will be familiar to you, the book will allow you to experience a “refresher” whenever you desire.

This series begins in April and is offered once a year.  Sign up below and I will contact you about a month before the class begins.

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