Are you interested in creating a financially stable life that meets your needs, provides flexibility and is rooted in the feeling of being abundantly cared for in all areas?  Then sign up for the Teleseminar, Individual Sessions, or the Self-Study Course and delve deeply into creating true abundance regardless of what is happening with the rest of the world.

Teleseminar with Diane

This 4-week teleseries includes:

  • Live weekly calls from the comfort of your own home, office, yacht, or ….
  • MP3 recordings of every session so you can listen again and again!
  • pdf of all of the homework so you can experience these insightful lessons anytime you want.
  • Abundance of special surprises

To register for the series, go here:  

“I recommend this class to anyone who is looking to “upgrade” their life.  If you already feel abundant and still feel room for improvement this class is for you!” — Jane D.

Session One: Finding Prosperity in the Everyday
This session will give you some exciting ways to really find the prosperity in your everyday life. Small Savings, Big Rewards: Little things you can do today to provide abundance and prosperity tomorrow.

Session Two: Playing Games and Holding Up the World 
The games in this session will give you great insight into what is holding you back from achieving true prosperity. This session will also show how letting go of habits will help you to tap into abundance and prosperity in a whole new way.

Session Three: Sticking to It
It’s not working! What Can I do??? This session will provide practical actions that you can take whenever things are stuck, so that you can get back on your path of living prosperously. Don’t fret, school is in session! This session will answer your questions and give you some powerful tips and tricks that will free you!

Session Four: Creating a Whole Life
There is more to prosperity than just money – this session will help you balance your life and give you some more tools to help you live with your own natural rhythms. You will learn ways to step up in a more authentic way and how to make your daily activities more meaningful.

“The joy, levity and simplicity of this class is amazing. I have been struggling with creating abundance in my life for decades and this class is the first one where the results started manifesting in the first week and are continuing for months afterward. Thank you!” — Pat R.