Are you interested in creating a financially stable life that meets your needs, provides flexibility and is rooted in the feeling of being abundantly cared for in all areas?  Then sign up for the Teleseminar, Individual Sessions, or the Self-Study Course and delve deeply into creating true abundance regardless of what is happening with the rest of the world.

Individual Sessions

Uncommon Prosperity Individual Sessions are created for where you are now and what your needs and desires are for the future.

We meet for 6 Skype/telephone sessions over 2-3 months and I am available for quick check-ins on an as needed basis as challenges, insights and breakthroughs occur throughout he process.


  • 6 one-hour sessions via telephone or Skype
  • Homework tailored to your specific situation
  • Email support as necessary

Cost is $900. You can choose to make one $900 payment now—or pay $455 now and another $455 in 30 days.