Does this sound familiar?

From the outside your life looks pretty great, yet there is more worry and stress than you would like.

You are more successful and busier than ever and yet are unable to deal with your new reality in a way that feels right.

It seems like everyone else has the key to success, but you just can’t seem to crack that code.

You have much to be grateful for, and yet feel uninspired.

You are tired of making the choice of either pursuing your dreams or making a living.

Are you ready to join me at the Sublime Salon Series for Your Bold Expression?

You might be, if —

  • You are longing for a way to make sense of the challenges you are facing.
  • You are searching for a way to create a life filled with abundance, ease and focused intent anytime, anyplace no matter the circumstances.
  • You would like to figure out how to live your life well, no matter what is happening in the outside world.
  • You would like to learn the details, specifics and tools that will help you spend your time creating the life you truly desire.
  • You are willing to speak truth, feel deeply and take small, guided steps to reach your desired state.

If you would like to experience this way of being without a major catastrophe happening first, then I invite you to join Your Bold Expression Salon Series!

We have a great lineup for our 2015 Salons.   If you’re looking for a unique experience where you will receive specific instruction to move past your inner blocks while harnessing the creative energy of an incredible group of women – then join me.

Participants will receive:

  • 3 in-person workshops,
  • individually tailored instruction,
  • specific homework,
  • a private Facebook community and
  • 3 one-hour tele-conference check ins.
  • Cost is $300 per month with a three month commitment

Want to sign up for an entire year? 

Email me at and let’s get this started.