No time to take a workshop? Barely have enough time to read these words, but you want to start making changes in your life?

Got three seconds? Choose a card, any card.

Got thirty seconds? Read the card.

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The powerful Energy Tips on each card are designed to give you a specific message about how to wholeheartedly embrace your life.

These cards will help you create more ease, focus, passion and power in all areas of your life.

Whether you are new to playing with energy or have a lifetime practice you will find direction, have some fun and Create the Life You Want.

These cards will help you enhance and support your intuition and vision.

I believe:

  • That we must all first do our own work before we can be effective in helping others.
  • The more you focus on the internal processes of your life, the more the external will benefit.
  • You are Fabulous!

These cards will help you put more passion, compassion and love into the world – starting with YOU.

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