Diane’s Book – Create the Life You Want

Create the Life You Want book by Diane Easley
Is Here!

This little book will help you create the life you want. You will find actual, practical things that, if done, will help you.

You will find uncommon ideas that, if done, will surprise you with their effectiveness.

Of course, you can just buy the book (thank you by the way) and read it thinking “Oh yeah, I already know this” and not take any action and things will still happen in your life.  If that is what you plan to do, I have a couple of questions for you… Will it be the life you truly want? Or, will it just be more of the same?

I hope you will take some action.  I hope you will begin!

Here is a 2-minute video I made to introduce the book:

[vsw id=”Y5clkCsCvXY” source=”youtube” width=”575″ height=”344″ autoplay=”false”]

Just so you know, this video is an example of one of the principles in the book. Notice at the beginning it is blurry and at the end it is clear? That was not done intentionally, but because I move around a lot when I speak – yep that is me getting so excited that I can’t hold my head still!  I did this video a while ago and had plenty of time to re-do it.  My video gal even asked if I wanted to re-tape it.  I could have re-taped it so it looked like it was perfect, but I did not.  Why?  Because I wanted a real example of a Diane Easley YOUniversity principle.

What principle? Even though things may be hazy at times, if you keep moving forward and do your best no matter what arrives to scare you into being “perfect” (yes, that means doing the things in this book) clarity will come. That is me, walking the talk baby! Yes, sometimes I am the student and sometimes, I am the teacher, as are YOU.

As you could tell from the video, there is a lot more I could have said about what transpired in my life before writing the book.  Please know that there is more in the book and in my workshops.  For now, just know that when I set out to write this book, I was filled with doubt, unsure about how it would be received and the voices in my head were working overtime. But, I kept on working.  Yes, the pace was maddeningly slow at times and full of ease and super fast at others. Eventually, I overcame the voices in my head, settled  into the erratic flow and in September 2013 the book was published!

Create the Life you Want is designed to be easy to digest and implement.


This book is my first attempt to share what I do to create ease and flow in my own life. I invite you to follow these concepts and create the same in YOUR life!

My natural tendency is to make big ideas and concepts feel easy and manageable so that I can care for my energy and be effective no matter what. Some may call it laziness; I call it divine inspiration! It is all in how you look at things.

If you are looking for a quick fix, please look elsewhere.  If you are looking for real practices to help you Create the Life You Desire – Welcome!

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Thank you VERY much.

Create the Life You Want printable workbook pages. Click here.