Feng Shui First Aid is Here!


Feng Shui- A Gift for You, Your Team –  and Your Best Customers.

Feng Shui  is an age-old tradition that continues to give people huge benefits in business and life. At the heart of the practice is the desire to move energy in beneficial ways.

In practical terms, “moving energy” could be as easy as re-imagining your work or home space. The premise is simple: when you are comfortable with who YOU are and what YOU want, it is easy to put your arms around a space and/or a series of steps that bring you ease.

I believe ease brings happiness, productivity and joy to life and work. I am happy to conduct individual,team, office, customer, or group workshops. Though I prefer to work with you in person, this workshop is available via Skype and conference call. I will tailor our time together to meet your needs

Feng Shui First Aid includes a one-hour in-person, Skype or conference call session; a Bagua analysis of your office or home floor plan, and specific tasks for you to perform. The tasks will help you:

  • give yourself and your business greater distinction, productivity, and prosperity
  • find more ease on the way to create the life you want
  • discover more productivity by re-imagining  your space for your maximum benefit and enjoyment

At the end of the workshop you will receive use-it-today techniques to continue your journey.


There are many variations of the Bagua, this is the one used in my practice.


I have studied and practiced Feng Shui since 1997. I became interested in Feng Shui because my husband and I were on the brink of divorce and was desperate to try anything to keep our marriage together.  After one Feng Shui consultation and doing a small portion of the work recommended, in less than one week we were more in love and committed to each other than ever.  I knew that if this worked for us, a hard-headed woman and a type-A personality man, that it would work for anyone!

I  received extensive training through years of direct study with the Feng Shui Academe of Seattle, Professor Lin Yun (credited with bringing Feng Shui to the US), Ho Lynn Tu, Seann Xenja and a host of other well known and respected Feng Shui teachers and masters.

It is my pleasure to share this ancient practice that has far reaching applications with you today.

Give yourself the gift of ease, grace, balance and prosperity.