When was the last time you took time to rest and relax with a great group of women in a space designed for your comfort and ease?

Chatting with super cool women, exercising a bit (nothing more strenuous than walks on the beach and maybe a bit of dancing), enjoying great food and sparkly drinks—and generally getting out of your “usual” hangouts and into a relaxing, inspiring, rejuvenating weekend?

If you’re anything like me, it’s been awhile.

If you’ve been focused on everyone and everything else besides YOU, I invite implore you join me at a retreat designed especially around giving yourself the gift of time and attention for total self-care.

Join me at Westport, WA (on the Washington coast) from the afternoon of September 25th until after brunch on September 27th, as we take over an entire inn for a retreat focused on filling YOUR cup.

Diane Easley's Relaxation & Rejuvenation Retreat in Westport, WA.

This is going to be an amazing retreat, and I don’t use that word lightly.

You will have:

  1.  A room to yourself with a private bath. Yes, if you register early and request one of the pet friendly rooms, you may bring your pet for an additional $25 fee.
  2. All meals from Friday snacks to Sunday brunch. Yes, you may participate in the creation of a meal or two.
  3. Time alone if you desire. Yes, some people have attended a retreat with me and slept the entire time and that is perfectly wonderful!
  4. Time with the group if you desire. Yes, we will spend time each day discussing where you currently are and where you would like to go in both your personal and professional life.
  5. A private half hour session with just you and me designed to give you specific homework and next steps to create what you desire.
  6. Time to walk on the beach and in the sweet town of Westport, Washington.
  7. Time. Just time. For YOU.

Westport, WA retreat inn

Not convinced? Here’s what a past retreat participants have said:

How did you DO that? I left on retreat with a wildly out of control life and business and after one weekend with you I returned to an efficient, relaxed and easy world.

I had no idea I could rest so deeply and fully while being with so many great women I did not know. Thank you.

Thanks for holding the space (and my hand) for me to go further into my inner world than ever before.

I never want to lose the calmness and peace I found at the retreat. You are now on speed dial!

The retreat will be a fantastic, powerful and rejuvenating time and a bit of magic will no doubt happen. I really, really hope you join me.

If you are willing to give yourself the gift of knowing (and putting into action) that YOU are WORTH it, please register.

The costs are low and the comfort high so you can make caring for yourself a real priority. 

So, the question is……are YOU in?

If so, register here with one of two payment options:

Pay all at once before August 15:

Pay after August 16 OR in two payments for a slightly higher fee:

Of course, if you have questions,  please contact me!