Urban Renewal Retreat


Would you like to spend a morning or afternoon doing exactly what you wanted to do? You could get a massage, take a long bath, drink coffee, chat with friends, work on a knitting project, do art… or you could curl up with a puffy comforter and have a long, undisturbed nap.

Sound great? Join me for one of four half-day urban renewal retreats. Retreats are held in a private setting near Seattle and the following services are available: massage, a hot tub, art workshop, walking trail, cozy corners for chatting or napping, superb coffee, tea, snacks, fabulous companionship — and lunch. You can do as much as you want or nothing at all.

I’ll bet you can think of a dozen reasons why you can’t get away — don’t have the time, or the money.. Or, “I just had a long vacation with the family!” Or “…my partner… my kids… my friends… my co-workers… my parents… the pets… need me! Maybe someday…”

origami star

Picture your life as an origami star: carefully creased, folded, flipped, flapped, and opened — a beautiful thing. There is an unwinding, an unfolding that happens in the time you take away from everyday life. It becomes easier to see who you are, where you are, and what you really want.

Retreat dates: